Nineteen Weeks

April 28, 2010

On April 12th of this year, Sarah and I walked into our nineteen week ultrasound excited to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. Since we’ve already been blessed with two beautiful girls, we were excited to find out it was little boy! However, shortly after the ultrasound, our OB entered the room and said she had some bad news. She told us our baby had what appeared to be a serious heart defect which has since been diagnosed as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

Over the coming weeks, Sarah and I will share the details of our struggle and the hope we are finding in the sovereignty of God and in the arms of His people.


19 Responses to “Nineteen Weeks”

  1. Maria aka Rockermom said

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date with Bowen’s progress. Every morning I pray for you guys. Cant wait to meet him if even only by pic. Much love, be blessed!

  2. Matt, Sarah and Kids,
    Hang in there guys. I’m praying for you!

  3. Bren said

    My prayera are with you and baby Bowen!!

  4. stacie said

    My daughter Kyrie Eleison Van Leeuwen was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome at the 19 week ultrasound. She is now a thriving, active 23 month old bundle of joy! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what we went through or if you just need to talk to someone who has been there and is still there. Love in Christ, Stacie

  5. tanya farrenkopf said

    Matt and family,
    I heard your story on K-Love. We have three children of our own and our first son, Keighton, was born with what Dr.’s called a single ventricle, pretty much the same as a hypoplastic left heart. Anyway I wanted to encourage you, he will be 14 years old in May. He had the completed fontan surgery at 4 years old with multiple steps starting from birth.He is an awesome kid, he has been through so much, yet he gives God ALL the praise and honor. His spirit is sweet and strong and everyone who meets him can see it in him. We have had difficult times, but they were short lived. For the most part he is a healthy kid and smart. At 13 years old he has started a jam making business and has spoke at several get to togethers for Make-A-Wish. We are continually praying to see his healing, and we will! Just like you will see Bowen healed!!! I know how it is, and I truly do know how you are feeling, let God be your strength. He is what got us through all the hard times. We will pray for you and so will Keighton. I hope you get this I really didn’t know how to contact you. God Bless and hang in there, God is Good!

  6. melissa pierson said

    i just wanted to let you both know i am praying for you guys. i’m praying that G*D would grant you his shalom in this hard time. i would also incerage you both to us this chance to make sure you are both deeply rooted in his word. claim it everyday. pray it back to him he is the great healer. also pray and ask him if there is anything in your heart that he’s trying to show you at this time. i have learned allot through a course called Anchint paths. and how sometimes G*DS just trying to show us something. but i am praying you Bowen and both of you, and standing in agreement that he is heald and that G*D will use this to speek to the DR’s and he will leave them looking for what happened and it will only lead them back to him. SHALOM Melissa

  7. tanya farrenkopf said

    I know there are several people that have said you can contact them with questions and support, that goes for us as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help in anyway. Keighton would love to encourage you as well.

  8. Carolyn said

    Our prayers are with you as you continue on the path to welcoming little Bowen into this world. Our son was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome and is 10 years old. He’s had all his “planned surgeries” and is doing well heart wise but does have epilepsy because of suffering a stroke during his last surgery. His name is Andrew which means “one of strength” and he sure does demonstrate strength with all he’s been through. Bowen will be surrounded by loving people and doctors that will get him through this but mostly The Lord who will be with him constantly! Our prayers will be with you as you travel this journey!

  9. jtousey said

    Matt and Sarah,
    My mom just emailed me after she heard you on klove. Like many of the other commenters, I also have a child with HLHS. My daughter, Charlotte, is almost 22 months old. My words when we found out were almost identical to yours. And I want you to know that God used you to minister to me when my newborn baby was in the hospital. I was driving from our house back to the hospital by myself one day when “Whatever You’re Doing” came on the radio.
    It was a sweet gift to me that day. I hope that I can return the favor and encourage you and your family as you walk along this road. I will be praying for Bowen and for all of you.

    Blessings to you!
    Jenn Tousey

  10. amy said

    I am 24 weeks pregnant with a little girl named Ella. I just found out two weeks ago the she has HLHS. We are praying that the Lord will heal her heart and make it whole, I pray He blesses your Bowen with healing as well.

  11. Kathy & Sheldon said

    We are praying that Bowen’s heart grows stronger and bigger each and every day. We also pray that he will be a health and happy bundle of joy. God Bless your family

  12. Our son was born with HLHS in 2007. Much like your story, we went to find out if we would be having a boy or girl at 18 weeks and instead found out our son would be born with this heart defect. His name is Nathaniel (Gift from God) and he just had his Fontan 6 weeks ago. He’s a smart, energetic, thriving little boy and it is all to the Glory of God. We will keep your family and little Bowen in our prayers. Love each other and stay strong.

  13. Robin Goodwin & family said

    Dear Matt & Sara,
    I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to you. I could not imagine going through something like that. I just now found out this morning listening to Scott & Kelli on K love. Just know that we love all of you very much and we are praying for the health of your baby. Bowen ia a good name for your baby. I have a friend on Facebook and she says “Don’t tell God how big your storm is, but tell your storm how big your God is.” God Bless you both.

  14. Shelly said

    Matt and Sarah,

    I heard about your story while listening to K-Love one morning on my way to work. I’m so glad I happened to be driving when you were on the radio doing an interview. I love your music and your family story is one that touches me deeply. You see, I work in the NICU for one of the biggest hospitals in Indianapolis, IN. I’ve worked with many babies diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It’s heart wrenching but let me tell you, everyone of those babies are fighters. You can just see God’s Grace working through them because there is no way they could fight something that serious without God’s help. Bowen will be just the same. He will be your little fighter. I will be praying for you and Sarah during the NICU stay and once you go home. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and hang in there. May God Bless you and your family.

  15. Hello, I heard your story on Air1. I wanted to write to encourage you. Our son, Sean, was born with a congenital heart defect (Pulmonary Valve Atresia) which doesn’t sound as bad as your Bowen, but the point is that now, 3 open heart surgeries later, he is a strong, growing 15 year old!!! Never give up!!! We are holding you and your wife and 2 daughters and Bowen in prayer!!!

  16. Emma Anca said

    Our oldest was born with a rare heart defect, truncus arteriosis type 2, he had his first open heart surgery at 4 months old. One advice that I can give to you and your wife is that God is true to his promisses, and he answers prayers!!! You can never pray enough for him, and know that God will never allow more than he puts within you to handle! I stand strong on Gods promise even 81/2 years later! Our son is a healthy, smart, full of energy 8 year old, that loves God, and tells everyone about how God worked in his life by healing his heart! The experience has brought my husband and I closer to God, and closer to each other, and I will pray for your son, and you and your wife especially. May God Bless you and your son!
    If you or your wife have any questions about our experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us! I know how many questions you guys might have!
    Emma &Peter Anca

  17. Beverly said

    It is definitely praise time. Praise God for His Glory and His Love. Let’s worship Him! Whose report will we believe? Through whose eyes will we see? God says we are made in His image. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. Through true worship, strong holds are broken……….through true worship the storm is lifted. We will not give way to what we hear but focus on what God sees (a strong, healthy boy made in His image, for His Glory). You and your family are blessed beyond blessed. His Hands are on you and yes, He is holding your son’s heart. Amazing God!

  18. Jeanita Gerety said

    Matt and Sarah,
    We had a boy with Hypoplastic Left Heart 14 years ago. If you need to talk or cry, feel free to email me. We will be in prayer and crying with you all as you navigate what God has for you.
    With love and knee work,
    Jeanita & Karl Gerety

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