New Website Coming Soon

May 5, 2010

I’m excited to let you know that Sarah and I’s friend Carlos at SevenStory Creative has volunteered his time to design our family a new website! Before long you’ll be able to find our blog, along with other links and HLHS information, at We are so grateful to everyone, like Carlos, who has come alongside us on this journey. ย We pray that God will provide us with opportunities to extend the kind of love and support to others that has so generously been given to us.


19 Responses to “New Website Coming Soon”

  1. Joy Kimble said

    Hi, I just wanted to say that we are a Christian family raising a HLHS daughter, age 3yrs. If you are on facebook, you can search: Pray for Jilly. We are at CHOP in Philly right now, just had abd. surgery today and heart surgery 2wks ago. I pray that all is well with your little HLHS warrior! Heart hugs!!! Joy and Jilly

  2. Joy Kimble said

    Just wanted to tell you a phrase, that means the world to me: FOR THIS, I HAVE JESUS! And that is all we need! Heart hugs!!!

  3. Nathan said

    Hey Matt:
    Please know we are lifting you and your family up in prayer as you walk this journey of uncertainty. The Lord always uses these times to teach us and grow us. Thank you so much for your faithful service to our Father.

    P.S. Stop by and say hi next time your at the K-LOVE office.

    – Nathan (Designer)

  4. Just found this blog. Praying for all of you.

  5. Stacey said

    I wanted to let you know that you are certainly not alone in your journey. The web of support you’ll find from heart moms is absolutely wonderful. Reading your post from April brought back a flood of memories; my husband and I also found out at our 19 week ultrasound that our little girl had HLHS. Disbelief and devastation took over for a few hours before we were able to process anything. We are now in Philadelphia at the Children’s Hospital. I am due May 12th and have all the faith in the world that our little Zoe Madison will be in the best hands possible. Know that there are many walking in your same shoes, even when you may feel all alone. Please reach out if you need anything.

    A fellow heart mom,

  6. Chania said

    I came from the “Vintage Sassy” blog, an neighbor of yours I believe. I have worked with very sick children and have seen the miracles that health care today can achieve, along with the support an love of family and strangers. Please know, I will keep your family and little Bowen in my prayers.


  7. Hey Guys;
    I was informed about you situation by my sister who saw you in concert and followed your blog. HlHS is what drew her attention. Our daughter Jessica Fletcher is 27 and I believe she is the oldest living survivor of HLHS. Jessica is a Jr. at Valley-forge Christian College in Pa. and is doing great. There is a longer more miraculous story behind this amazing young lady but right now we are PRAYING with you, Jessica’s surgeries were done at the Cleveland Clinic. God is amazing especially when we can not see through the situation without keeping our eyes on Him!!! Jessica would love to share her life with you and your son!

  8. Alicia said

    I wanted to give you an encouraging word. I stand in agreement with you on Bowen healing. I proclaim that by Jesus stripes he WAS healed and we accept that healing in Jesus name. I say that Bowen is free from the curse of heart decease because Jesus became a curse for him. I proclaim that Bowen has a new heart, he will do great and mighty things in the kingdom of God, and he will live a long and prosperous life.
    When I first found out that our 4th son had HLHS I was believing that God could heal him. Well he was born and he still needed surgeries, he’s done great but we haven’t seen that total and complete healing I wanted. About 2 years ago God help remind me that he could still have that healing, Satan had stolen that dream from me. Ethan (Strong, firm, impetuous)has had all three surgeries, the last one was Oct 2009, and he will be turning 4 later on this month. I can see where God’s hand has been on him through out his life, if you saw him, there is nothing about him to make you think he has a heart condition. He keeps up with his 3 older brothers and at times gives them a run for their money. God is doing a great work in Ethan still today and I’m excited for the day that we go into his Dr and they find that he has a new and perfect heart. I will no longer let Satan still this dream from me. I know God has healed Ethan, just as He has Bowen, we just have to wait for the natural to catch up to the spiritual. And if this means that Ethan is the first HLHS to make it to 100 with out a heat transplant then that’s good enough for me.
    God is and will use this to bring you closer to Him, as husband and wife, and as a family. Just keep faith, I believe that there is healing going on in Bowen’s body right now, just don’t forget or loose heart as you await the natural to catch up to the spiritual. Names are important and it’s great you are naming Bowen with a name for victory through Christ, I knew with our son we had to give him a name that would set him up for victory and not defeat. God fill you with His joy, and may you see the store houses of heaven open up and pour down on you. God is good and may your lives resonate His goodness.


  9. terry Williams said

    Matt and Sarah My Heart and Prayers go out to you and your family.
    I was on my way to work one morning when i heard your story on K-LOVE. And it hit me very hard knowing what you two are going through and having a daughter with HLHS. I had two beautiful twin daughters 36 years ago which I was a week late and had no idea that I was going to have twins until after the first one was born who names were Amy Jo and weighed 6 lbs. and Mary Jo who weighed in 6 lbs too which was such a shock. We were the two happiest parents and thanked God that we had two beautiful baby girls that we thought were healthy. 36 years ago it was a lot different. And having a baby with HLHS was never heard of. After a week we noticed Mary Jo was sleeping all night through and not drinking much but we did not want to be overreacted parents. One day my husband came home from work during his lunch hour which he normally never does and said he thought that she did not look well so we took her to the Dr. and the Dr. said get her to Childrens hospital right away which we did. After sitting there for a few min. We were still in shock from not knowing that we were going to have twins to sitting at childrens hospital not knowing what the outcome was. Within a few min. the Drs. came in and said Mary Jo only had a few hours to live and that she had HLHS. We were devasted but thankful that we got to spend a week with her. You have to remember that was 36 years ago. It is a miracle what they can do now in the medical field that they could not do 36 years ago. God would not have made you parents for this special little boy if he knew you could not handle it. There’s a day that never goes by that we do not think of our precious little angel. When we use to have birthday partys for Amy jo. Amy Jo would always send a balloon up to heaven for Mary Jo to celebrate her birthday to so she knows we did not forget her.

    So just know that you and your family are in our prayers. May God Bless You and please give us an update as time goes on.
    Love to you both.
    Sorry it got a little to long.


  10. Hey Matt, my name is Matt Saunders, and I heard your story on Air 1 today. I wanted to write you because our third child Oliver was born with three different heart conditions. He has HLHS, transposition of the greater arteries, and a hole in his heart. We have a blog of the last surgery that he had in October and I pasted the link there for you to look at. I have a ton of pictures of all three of the surgeries and would love to share our story with you if you would like to chat sometime. Please email me at if you have any questions. My sons name is Olive Matthew Saunders, so I got the privilege of him sharing my middle name as well. It sounds like our situation is very similar to yours so please email me and I can share what God has done through our experience.

    My wife is currently pregnant with twins which will be number 4 and 5 for us. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Matt Saunders

  11. Sara Hays said

    I have a son, Jaxon, born with HLHS. He will be turning 5 on Monday! You would never know he has a heart condition- in fact there are days that for a brief period of time, it’s able to slip my mind as well. God has just been awesome in proving Himself in Jaxon’s life. He had his 3rd and final surgery in July of 2008. He had his last cardiology follow up in Dec of 2009 and we were told we did not have to come back for one year! An anticipated heart cath this spring was not necessary and Jaxon’s oxygen sats are now around 95 and up. God did not answer my prayers the way I wanted 5 years ago, but I cannot deny that He heard them and knows the plans He has for my little man. Just like Bowen. We can drive ourselves crazy with the whys and why nots, just remember there are families out there that are ready to hold you all up in prayer. We are all bound together by the tiny hearts of our children. I count it a privilege that God chose me as Jaxon’s mom- that He would consider me to be worthy of having such a special little boy. May God’s peace be with all of you.

    Sara Hays

  12. Cassie said

    Keeping you guys in my prayers and thoughts daily!

  13. Patti said

    Hi there. One day at a time. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Our middle child, Jessica, has Hypolastic Left Heart. She is 23 years old and a nurse in a Pediatric Cardio Vascular Intentensive Care Unit. We are also one of the oldest around. I would love to hug you somehow (phone, email) and give you some Godly advice for the tough days you have ahead of you. This might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but you will be blessed through the storm. Hang in there! Seize the Day!

    • Patti said

      p.s. Happy Mother’s Day. You will never take another one of these for granted. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ YOU WILL BE BETTER PEOPLE because of Mr. Bowen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. OMGosh…I am so honored to know of your challenge & have the honor of bringing it before my Lord in prayer.
    I have eight living children by birth, one by happy circumstance, and seven more who, though conceived in my womb, slipped on to the other side of eternity before I got to hold them in my arms.
    I will pray for you constantly.
    God bless

  15. Angela said

    I caught part of your story on K-Love and had to follow up with them for details. I was drawn to your story for many reasons. One, your song Forgiven, has brought a peace to my life in the recent past and therefore closer to God. Second, I have seen God work through, in and with families in the same situation as you. I have the honor of being a nurse who cares for families just like yours. The families I have met are amazing and have taught me so much. I will continue to pray for all that God has in store for you and your family as you continue in this journey.
    God Bless,

  16. Jennifer said

    I was able to catch part of your story on K-Love a few weeks back. I have had the awesome opportunity of being a nurse in a pediatric cardio-thoracic ICU for many years. HLHS has come so far since they first began operating on children with this heart defect many years ago. Little Bowen is in the best hands as he continues to develop. If I could be of any help, please feel free to contact me. The University of Michigan, Mott Childrens Hospital has an outstanding Congenital Heart Center. Please know that your family is in my families prayers as you continue on this journey.
    In His Grip,

  17. Janie Fox said

    You are in our prayers. We lost twin sons 26 years ago. They were conjoined at the heart and lived 17 days. Out of the sorrow came such growth and so many blessings. God always brings sunshine after the rain. God bless you on this journey. (I am a friend of LeAnn’s from IL.) xoxo

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