Tucked away in the Northwest corner of Ohio, also known as “the heart of it all”, we’re a small town family that believe we are part of a bigger story.  We’re not trying to impress anyone with fancy words, we’re just here to share our heart. His name is Bowen.

Matt, Sarah, Emmy, and Claire Hammitt


50 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Keith Kurtz said

    Matt and Sarah,
    I am praying for you guys.

  2. Cathy Lookabaugh said

    Thank you for sharing your journey! We never know the path God has for us, we trust he is in control. I believe God has BIG plans for Bowen and his mighty little heart, and it will be a heart for the nations!

  3. Best wishes to you all. Becoming a part of the ‘heart’ family sometimes is overwhelming but take it all in. Be blessed with the time you have trying to absorb all of this – finding out prior to baby is a blessing.
    Our little heart baby (who is now two) is named Owen for the same reasons…it means well born.

  4. LeAnn said

    Hi Guys,
    We are praying and we know God’s hand has been on Bowen since the beginning. Call anytime.


  5. Melinda Berry said

    Tommy and I feel you are both such a part of our new church. Together we stood for prayer in front of the church for you both and your baby. I have felt such a burden for you but I know God has all the answers!

  6. I was listening to your story on K-LOVE online radio just now, sitting here at my desk in PA. Stopped and prayed for your family and specifically little baby Bowen. I will be sure to pass this story on to others so that they can stop and pray for him as well. So nice to hear faith you have in all of this! It’s encouraging to hear your faith. It inspires me to have more faith in trials and tribulation. So thank you for that! May God bless you all! :0)

  7. Shelli-Bean said

    I want to encourage you that God really can do anything I know from first hand. For my 5th child I had a placental abruption causing me to bleed heavily from my 16th week till my 36th when I had her. I spent weeks in bed crying out to the Lord why, and please be sure she gets all she needs to grow. He answered us with a smooth delivery and we have never looked back. Shelby is a little fireball and has no issues AT ALL!!! She is a daily reminder to me that God is Good and Sovereign and a Healer. My nephew Noah was born with several birth defects one was his heart. He has struggled from his first breath and through several procedures correcting his vision and 2 holes in his heart. Today he is a perfectly healthy 4 1/2 year old boy that says Mama with the cutest Southern accent you ever did hear. God is a great God, the only True God and one you can put your trust in. He has a plan and a purpose for all of you, plans for hope and a future.



  8. Arlene said

    My prayers are with you and your family. I have a niece who was born with HLHS, as well. I do know that you are in for a bit of a long haul following Bowen’s birth, but I know with even more confidence that God is good and merciful and your faith will sustain you. He never gives us more than we can handle. Enjoy your pregnancy and that wonderful little miracle baby boy who is about to enter your lives! Love and prayers – every day!

  9. I will be praying that the Healer of this world will bless your family. If it be His will and not ours for your son to thrive and live a healthy life! May God bless you, kepp hold of His hand no matter what the outcome!

  10. Deb said

    Matt & Sarah,

    I heard your story and just wanted to share with you that our son is almost 15 yrs old and he is a Fontan kid and he is a thirving, smart tall young man (we had amazing doctors-Dr. Hanley was/is his surgeon). We had no idea our son had a a single left ventricle, transpossession of the great arteries and VSDs. All of a sudden we were being thrown really big scarry words/surgeries/decisions/ratios, etc that made no sense to us and we could not believe what we where hearing. So we did what we knew best “prayed and believed”. Our son was born in CA and we now live in CO. Our son is an A+ highschool student and plays all the sports (basketball, baseball, snow boarding, bike riding and even played ice hockey) and when we remind the coaches he is a cardiac kid, they cannot believe it. I know the journey ahead is unkown and scarry and we will keep you and your family in our prayers. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to ask questions, just talk, or hear our journey.

    Blessings to you, your family and baby Bowen.

  11. Galen said

    Hey Matt,

    I heard about this today from my mom who heard it on Klove and was so sorry. I know God will carry you through this. I got a hug from you during a concert you did last October in Bolivar, Missouri during “We Need Each Other” at the end of the concert. I felt that you were a righteous man who really loves his family. My mom was really touched by your “Lead Me” song. I pray that God blesses you through this time.

  12. Jennifer said

    My family will keep your family in our prayers. Bowen is a beautiful name and it seems fitting for a little fighter! Thank you for all that you have done for us through your wonderful music. You have a beautiful family and Bowen is a wonderful addition. With love from Colorado.

  13. Regina said

    On September 8, 1978 our little Lisa Michelle was born and we found out AFTER her debut that she was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome…the specialists (pediatricians, cardiologists, etc.) said that at it was VERY rare (1 in 250,000 babies). Since that time, the medical technology has become more sophisticated and God has given wisdom for doctors to detect it in utero. What a blessing! So, when little Bowen makes his debut, the specialists can do what they need to do and in the meantime, God is at work healing that little guy’s heart while he’s growing and developing…we have the Great Physician in our camp and we can offer Him prayers to use this new little life for His glory! God has great plans for your son’s life!

    Thank you for your ministry and I will keep you in my prayers!

  14. Chrissy said

    Praying for you and your family.

  15. Veronica said

    On March 31st my My sister and brother-in-law welcomed their baby boy into the world. During the delivery the dr.while breaking her water,rupture her placenta. They did a very quick c-section and when Tanner came out he was blue and he did not have a heart beat, it took 9 min to get one. they quickly rush him to a neku at another hospital. while they were rushing baby off they
    continued to work on mom to stop the bleeding. my poor brother in law had no choice but to follow to the hospital were the baby was being taken and leave his wifes side. He called us and asked if we could reach out for prayer as he did not know if his wife or baby would make it through the next few hours. when he arrived at the hospital they told him his baby was brain dead. How could this normal birth go so wrong? We all continued to pray for both Mom and Tanner After a day Erica stared to do much better and was released so she could be with her baby. the next few days Tanner begun to improve all his organs were working but they were un sure of his brain. The day before they did the Mri the nurse picked up both of Tanners arms and they just dropped down, she told my brother in law that things did not look good for Tanner. Andy held Tanners little got down next to him a and gently told him this is your dad and I need you to wake up, and he did. that was the first time he woke up in about a week. a few days later the mri was done and Tanner has know problems with his brain at all. He is home now and he is doing very well! God is so good! Prayers work! I have faith your baby boy will be
    well! I will also pray that God comforts you and your wife during this stressful time! And remember Dr’s and Nurses tend to give worst case first. Listen to your heart and not them. may the good Lord bless you and keep you and your family safe.

  16. Erin Spina-Kuhn said

    I will keep your entire family in my prayers. God has a plan for little Bowen! May you be at peace.

  17. Lorraine Dolan said

    Praying for you all. My son, who is now 9 years old, was born with a congenital heart defect (endo-cardio cushion defect). He had open heart surgery when he was 3 years old at Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington Delaware. He had 2 surgeons, William Norwood and Christian Pizarro. Dr. Norwood is the one who came up with the “Norwood procedure” to help children with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. While he is no longer practicing at Dupont, Dr. Pizarro is. I loved the care we received from this hospital and I feel they have a very good cardiac department. Once all of this settles in and you have time to think, you may want to check this place out. God Bless.

  18. Trudy said

    My 10 1/2 year old son Jake was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and Pulmonary Branch Stenosis. Jake has had two open heart surgeries. TOF repair at six months of age and 6 1/2 weeks ago he had a pulmonary valve put in and his pulmonary arteries worked on. God has taken awesome care of Jake and I am sure that he will take awesome care of Bowen too. Our precious son’s being born with heart defects might have caught us all by surprise but thankfully it didn’t surprise God at all.
    I will be praying for your family and for Bowen.

  19. Mary Weisner said

    Just saw your story via K-LOVE’s FB page. Just want you to know that I will be praying for you and little Bowen. Fourteen years ago we were told that our son had a heart deformity and several other defects and was actually dying in my womb. We listened to what the doctor had to say and then called upon God. We also began to read outloud to one another, the book “Christ The Healer” by F.F.Bosworth. (It’s a very old book that you’ll probably have to special order)
    Long story short…Our son was born 5 wks early and scored 9 out of 10 on his apgar tests and came home with me the next day – completely normal!
    God is willing and so much more than able to heal. He hears your prayers and honors faith.

  20. Veronica Garcia said

    Dear Matt and Sarah, when I heard about your story on KLove this came to my mind.

    Phillipians 4:6&7
    6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  21. Amy Heckman said

    You are in my prayers! What a beautiful family you have! Praying for a healing and lots of love sent your way!

  22. Megan said

    Hi Matt and Sarah, I just wanted to share a bit of our story in hopes that it will strengthen your faith even more. I too went in for my sex determining ultrasound to find out that my baby had a very large ‘cystic hygroma’ covering her neck and back. I was told that the growth would end up taking over the baby’s body, and she would develop fetal hydrops by 22 weeks or so, and her heart would cease to beat. This was my first child, and the following day, we found out she was a girl. They did an amnio to determine she had Turner’s Syndrome which is a chromosomal abnormality, that just randomly happens at times. My husband and I prayed over her, and knew that with God, all things are possible, but it hurt and saddened us not knowing what would happen. I had prayed for a child for a long time, and was so excited to have that prayer answered…but as I thought back, I also remembered I’d been praying for God to bring me closer to him in some way. He did it through this, as mysterious as it was, and I couldn’t be happier that he did. We called out for prayers and were covered by them from all around the country. I was more faithful and positive than I’d ever been before, even though I had my down moments. When we returned for a ultrsound a few months later, the growth had significantly gotten smaller, and the Dr. said that someone’s prayers were being answered. With her Turner’s Syndrome, my baby, Avery, had only around a 1% chance of survival. She made it, and she is beautiful and thriving. She was born with some health problems. She has common heart defects with her Turner’s- a monocuspid aortic valve and a narrowing of her aortic arch. She had heart surgery to repair her arch at 1 week old- they took her from me and moved her to another hospital the day I had her which was very difficult. She recently went to NYC for a valve replacement surgery this past February- both were very risky, but very successful! She is amazing, and hasn’t missed a beat- we owe all praise, all honor and all glory to God for her. HE brought me closer to him through this child, and I will forever praise him for that! God bless you guys, and keep the faith, he is always there and leads you to wonderful, miraculous things with these types of events! So many people have been touched just in the past year of her little life and through my pregnancy- God uses her and me. God Bless!!

  23. Candice said

    Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
    These are the words that got me through the 53 days I was able to enjoy with my beautiful son, Alexander Cole. Alexander was born with an undiagnosed Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome. He was diagnosed over 24 hours after he was born. He was treated at Duke Medical Center and underwent open heart surgery (the Norwood) at 6 days old. I share my story because I want to tell you that I do not regret ANYTHING. I loved my child and I have no regrets about any of the time I spent with him or the decisions we made for him. The thing I am most proud of is the decision we made from the begining to not cry at his bedside. We wanted him to only see us happy and for him to not feel scared. I recommend this. Your life will be changed forever by his life. He will show you life and everything it means. Rejoice in the little things and love him everyday. From a mom who has been there… I am here.

  24. karen castilaw said

    Bless your family as you go through this time. God be with you and your little one. I pray that God does heal him and make him one strong little soldier for the Kingdom of God.

  25. Jan said

    I have friends who have a baby girl who had the same condition as little Bowen. She was born 4 months ago and underwent the surgery immediately after her birth. Today she is a vibrant baby girl who is right on track with her developmental milestones and the absolute apple of her daddy’s eye. I know it can rock you back you on your heels when you get unexpected news like this, but I also know your faith is strong and through the K-Love family your story has been spread far and wide and you and baby Bowen are in many people’s prayers! I hope you are able to recognize that sometimes miracles do not appear in the manner in which we expect, such as intrauterine healing, but in the healing of a doctor’s hands.

  26. Theresa said

    Bowen has already touched so many hearts..it may be physically small but look at the love he has given and received already!

    praying for you all…may God in His mercy heal him and provide all you need in the days ahead (which I can see He is already doing )

    Many blessings..

  27. Katie (Zouhary) Seevers said

    Matt and Sarah,
    Just heard about all that you’re going through right now… praying for you and your sweet baby boy. LOVE the name, Bowen. Will continue praying for peace and hope that only God can give…

  28. Nancy said

    Matt & Sarah…please know you and your family will be in our prayers. We too found out at our ultrasound (22wks) that our son, Stephen had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We found a great doctor at University of Michigan’s Mott’s Childrens Hospital -Dr. Bove and his staff. Our little guy’s first surgery was at 2 days old. I know that there have been so many medical advances since Stephen’s birth almost 14 years ago and I will pray for your little boy’s miracle of a healed heart. We had our son for 30 days, and his life did touch so many -more than we can ever count. We too wanted God to heal him during the rest of the pregnancy or after wards. We trusted God and have been blessed so many times since by what we experienced during those 30 days with our son. God is good! All the time!Keep your faith and believe! And as someone else mentioned, enjoy each and every part of his life…now and when he’s born!

  29. Brenda said

    Matt and Sarah and baby Bowen;

    My husband heard your story on klove coming home from work one morning, he said when he was listening to your story he had tears. It brings back memories of when we were about to have our second child in 2006, I was 32 weeks along when we found out in the same day that it was going to be a boy and that he too was going to be born with HLHS, we didnt know what to expect. We were sent to another hospital that is able to handle these kinds of birth’s. The next morning I rushed in for and emergency c-sect, because our son’s heartbeat kept dropping. Our angel Matthew Nelson was born 8 weeks early. When matthew was only 6 days old he went in for his first surgery. When he was 8 days old, our angel on earth went to heaven to be an angel. We had the amazing 8 days to love and cherish our baby boy. God only knows what is going to take place when baby bowen is born, he will watch over him as he takes his first breath, he will be with through it all. Your story has touched our hearts, we will keep praying for your baby through all of this. Just keep on loving him and beleiving in God’s amazing powers. We were blessed with two more sons following Matthew and they remind me everyday to love and cherish each day because you never know what will happpen.
    God bless and our prayers are with you and your family.

  30. Erin Lenfestey said

    i read this recently regarding my life’s struggles, hope it is a blessing as it was to me:

    By now in our Christian walk we hardly need the reminder that life is not a cloud-nine utopia. It is a terribly unrealistic view to think that Christ helps you live happily ever after; it’s downright unbiblical! Most of life is learning and growing, falling and getting back up, forgiving and forgetting, accepting and going on.
    He is the Potter, we are the clay. He is the one who gives the commands; we are the ones who obey. He never has to explain Himself; He never has to ask permission. He is shaping us over into the image of His Son, regardless of the pain and heartache that may require. Those lessons are learned a little easier when we remember that we are not in charge, He is.

  31. Tim Metcalf said

    I am praying for your family. Have you set up a Caring Bridge page caringbridge.org

    It is a great way for people to communicate to family and prayer warriors.

  32. Scott D said

    Matt and Sarah,

    My wife and I are praying for you and little Bowen. God is awesome and faithful and good, even when we don’t understand what is going on. Continue to trust Him to be all you need and more.

  33. i am praying for your family!!

  34. I just wanted to let you know that Bowen is in our thoughts and prayers as is your wife and your family. We just passed the 6 year anniversary of learning about heart defects and having to explain this to our daughter…It seems like it was yesterday. (We found out we were having a girl April 14th and that we had HLHS on the 28th!) Our Chloe did not survive her battle with HLHS, but she is still fighting these defects…Just in a different way. Amazing things are being done for these kids (and we are so blessed to be able to fund research and awareness!) May God be with you and please know…there is a HUGE heart community that is full of love for all these sweet babies with little hearts.

    (Our story is http://www.sweetchloe.com – it’s not the typical happy ending, but our happy ending is not working to save other babies in memory of our own.)
    Please feel free to contact me any time…Our hearts and prayers are with you.

    Heart hugs,

  35. Bill McGinnis said

    God couldn’t have given Bowen Matthew better parents. So proud of you and the way you are sharing the hope that we have in God and His promises.

    Pastor Bill & Janie

  36. Raina B said

    My heart and prayers are with you and your family. It was one year ago in May that my son Kylan was born with HLHS, double outlet right ventricle, VSD and transposition of the great arteries. We also found out at our 20 week ultrasound about the condition and felt as prepared as we could be at his birth. Kylan had the Norwood surgery at 9 days old and was home about 2.5 weeks after that. He then had the Glenn surgery at 4 months old and was home in 5 days. He will have his last surgery next spring around his 2nd brithday. Kylan is the light of our lives. He is extremely healthy in all other respects, is a very “busy” and active boy from the minute he wakes up until the minute he goes to sleep everyday. He smiles and laughs all day long and when he smiles he lights up the room. From an outsider, no one would ever suspect he has anything wrong with him. He is right on target with his developments. We are extremely lucky and blessed to be his parents. It was, and will always continue to be a scary journey, but God brings these special babies to the ones he knows can take care of them, will love them unconditionaly. These babies are angels sent to teach us. Knowing that your baby is in the hands of God is what will get your through the difficult times. Trust in Him. Please feel free to email me if you needs to talk about anything. It’s nice to be as prepared as you can and understand what is going to happen at least for the first year with the baby. My son turns 1 next week and we feel so grateful to be here today planning his first birthday party! God Bless.

  37. Shannon Nicholson said

    I am home now after a Sanctus Real Concert in Jeffersonville, IN. During the concert, when you were sharing about Bowen I felt God speaking to me to talk to you and I’m so thankful that He made a way. As I mentioned my son Luke was born 1-21-05 with HLHS. He is a rowdy, sometimes rotten, drum playing, soccer playing, always laughing 5 year old boy that you wouldn’t know he’s ever had one hard day in his life! From his very first surgery at 6 days old until now (he’s having his 4th open heart surgery Monday, May 24th) we have seen God’s hand on him (and us) every step of the way.

    I will begin right now praying Psalm 118: 17 over Baby Bowen “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” Thank God for His promises!!Although the diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart surprised us as parents, it did not catch God by surprise.

    Thank you for coming to Jeffersonville tonight. God used the annointed lyrics performed to speak directly to me and encourage me right in my seat in that auditorium but I had no idea I am so thankful that the God of the universe loves us so much to “show up” in our lives in such detailed and amazing ways. Looking forward to the miracle and testimony of all God is doing in Baby Bowen’s life. We are praising God and rejoicing even now!!!

  38. Shannon Nicholson said

    Oh – forgot to mention you could find Luke’s story at Luke’s Prayer Buddy’s on Facebook!

  39. Robyn Schnitker said

    Dear Matt, Sarah, Paige and Emmerson-
    You guys are such an awesome family and Matt your music has so lifted me up when I needed it. With all the trials our family has faced, God has always been a constant in my life. I know little Bowen is a true gift and I pray for him and your family. You are all so blessed and I pray God will continue to give you strength and faith.

  40. Renee Murray-Bibaud said

    I had a brother 40 years ago with CHD (blue baby syndrome)sadly it was to late for him.April 7Th 2006 history repeated it self.That was also my brother b-day.I was told that day carrying our 2Nd son that he has hlhs. that was when our life had changed.Yes it was and still is crazy at times but Colin is going to be 4 years old July 24 this year and just had his 3rd stage fontan op April 2, 2010 and is doing great running around playing with his other brothers and Kids can not keep up with him.These children are miracle of god.Prayers and faith is a big part of our life.It will be very scary but it all will be ok. The technology today is amazing and these miracle of God is showing us that its working and we are all tested and given these thing for a reason.There is alot of hope for these HLHS children and other congenital defects who will have promising future.Good Luck and My prayer always with Bowen and your Family.

  41. Jessica said

    I know we don’t know each other but I wanted to write on your blog. I am 23 years old and I have HLHS.I would love to share with you to all God has done for me. He is good!

  42. natalie said

    I am amazed to hear of all God’s miracles through people sharing their stories. In Jesus name, may Baby Bowen be healed and restored and be a testimony to anyone he encounters. Our God is a good, faithful loving God. Believing in Jesus name for his healing and for peace in your hearts. Amen!

  43. Kris said

    I’m praying for your son! Heard about your story on K-love.

  44. andrea sandoval said

    dear matt and sarah,
    i pray this message gets to you….
    in 2002 i gave birth to our 2nd baby, amanda joy. at birth we found out she had a very rare skin disease, 2 in a million called lemellar ichthyosis, many babies dont survive and if they do, the life prognosis is grim. her middle name was supposed to be marie, but that scary day i knew it was not God who tried to steal her from us…her name would be joy, as i would not allow my joy to be stolen. after the doctors stabalized her they put her in an incubator to transport her via helicopter to dartmouth hitchcock as she was born in the little town of dover NH. they did not know how to care for her skin and so they put her under a heat lamp. she cracked and bled every where you bend, her eyes and lips were inverted, her skin looked like it had been burned in a fire, she did not look like a human baby, we wept with the doctors. i went into shock. that was a scary time, i was born again but did not know how to stand in faith, actually i was filled with fear, which of coarse is the opposite of faith. as you probably realize, a flood of info. just comes like a blanket over you, it was like a nightmare. the next few months i went into a deep depression, no drug could have gotten me out. i cried out to God from the depths of my heart and he met me there and surrounded me with love. i always wondered if God spoke to people today like he did in the Bible…well, now i know He still does. i did not hear a audible voice, but on the inside of me i heard Him say “DO NOT BE AFRAID, FEAR NOT BELIEVE ONLY AND SHE SHALL BE MADE WHOLE” i later found that scripture in luke 8. i also learned that Jesus will is to heal, He is the same “yesterday,today,and forever”. i did what HE said, i clung to His word, saturated myself in His Word, surrounded myself wih faith filled people, and ONLY spoke HIS WORD….it was not easy, but the “Holy Spirit is there to bare us up in our weakness”. All He needs is our unshakable faith. amanda Joy is now 8….her healing has been a process, she has a beautiful life. we hold fast to the word the Lord gave me until the full manifestation. lastly,the doctors told us we had a 25% chance that our future children could be born with icthyosis…we refused to fear,and the Lord has gone on to bless us with three more healthy children. bless the Lord, we dont live by odds we live by faith!! We stand with you for the complete healing of your baby boy-Isaiah 53:4-5. In Christ,Andrea Sandoval.

  45. Sybrina said

    Greetings! Writing to tell you that my daughter has HLHS-she’ll be 10 in January and had her surgeries at Children’s Hospital of Phila. God has used her in amazing ways to reach people for His Kingdom. We have done things for Him and His church that we never would have done were it not for her special heart. May you bless God during this new journey, as I know God will certainly bless you. Hang on to Him in the tough times for comfort and may many see Him glorified b/c of it. Contact me if you want to talk to someone who has been thru the HLHS experience.

  46. anna said

    i am praing for bowen

  47. Amy Nolte said

    Dear Hammitt Family:
    As the mother of a 17 year old cancer survivor (3 years! PRAISE GOD!!) I can imagine no pain as great as the news that your child is sick. May God hold your little Bowen in his healing hands, and may He shower your wonderful family with his grace and comforting spirit. Our family is uplifting Bowen in prayer daily.
    Peace to you,
    Amy Nolte

  48. Zane Shane said

    Hi Bowen!

    My name is Zane I am 7 years old almost 8, my birthday is May 1st, I am in second grade and on the honor roll.

    If you need an older brother I am here, I could use a younger brother to hang with. I am an only child except for my hairy brother Radar a (hotdog,dog with big ears). I also have a hairy uncle Benny.

    I too was born with a rare heart defect, It’s called a “Single Ventricle, Transposition of the Great Arteries.” But my mom calls it a one-of-a-KIND-heart.

    I was eight days old when I had my first open heart surgery called the Norwood then my second open heart surgery when I was 5 months old called the Modified Glen. The hardest one was when I was 4 years old it was called the Fontan…mom cried a lot. Girls…

    Any way I have to take medicine every day. Enapril and Coumadin (yuck) can’t play soccer or football cause it will make me bruise too much. So I play air karatay, Spongebob’s kind. Oh, I can help you take your medicine, tell your mom to use the MediBottle the medicine taste much butter cause it is mixed with milk and you won’t throw up.

    I didn’t like my scar, but my Auntie WaterTiger yea that’s her name, she tells me all the time that “girls” like boys with scars. So I wear it proudly cause there are cute girls in my class.

    Any way take your medicine and if you are scared just call me or write me and I will help calm your fears. Mom says the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    Oh by the way I am told I look pretty normal, nobody nos I have a funny heart except when they see my scar. So don’t worry.

    My favorite number is 8, color is green then red, comedian funniest ever is Brian Regan.

    I am here if you need me!

    Your bigger older brother Zane

    I am on facebook Zane Shane, black and white picture of just my face.

    bye for now…

  49. My grandson Samuel Schooley was born on April 14 2011. He will be undergoing another surgery Dec.2. Are there any words of wisdom I can give his parents to make this surgery feel like it really can improve Samuel’s life quality. His parents seem really more concerned this time, maybe because he’s older and his numbers have fallen to a level they haven’t seen in a long time. Like since his birth. We love this child with all our hearts, if I could take his place I’d do it in a heartbeat. Seems sad to use these words at this time. Our hearts are breaking because we are so helpless and afraid. Please give us something from your experiences that could help. Prayers are always welcome and it kinda helps to know there are others like us. Praying for Bowen and Samuel to be able to continue to be our miracles.
    Sincerely, Samuel’s gramma.

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